Want Us To Launch And Scale Your Own Digital Marketing Agency To $100k+ Guaranteed?

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What If We Could Launch And Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency To $100,000+ For You...?

In just 2 years, we’ve scaled our own digital marketing agency to multiple seven figures…. and it continues to grow by 10’s of thousands of dollars every single month.

Plus, it’s one of the most hands-off businesses we run working less than a dozen hours per week.
Most importantly, it generates us clients, consistently.

Within a few months of launching our “Million Dollar Agency” system, we were pulling in over $8,000 per day in revenue for our agency.

Fast forward to today & we consistently generate 6 figures each month.

And the best part?

Our method doesn’t require us to chase down leads…
We don’t spend a single second of our day cold messaging prospects…
And we definitely don’t use complicated funnels or fancy websites…
Soon after we discovered how well this process worked inside our own agency, we began launching and scaling agencies for other people.

Today, our clients have generated more than $23MM with their own digital marketing agencies we launched for them.

Because of our agency model, our business is both simple and effective.

…we’re fully booked with our dream prospects lining up to purchase our most expensive services.

We turn away roughly 30 percent of qualified prospects because our acceptance standards are so high, thanks to having a full calendar of pre-qualified calls booked.
A simple digital marketing agency set up properly could be the difference between you staying stuck where you are now… and you building a business you can finally be proud of you.
After 6 years of working in the trenches with our own agency & 2 years of helping our clients launch some of the most profitable agencies on the planet…
…we’ve created a new division of our company, where we can ethically guarantee you…

You’ll be on track to make $100k+ this year, at minimum, with your digital marketing agency in the next 90 days or less (or we’ll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do)…

If you’d like to put our method to the test, click here to book a 1:1 action call with our team today & let’s find out if our process is a good match for you…

Talk soon, – Zarar Ameen & Christian Alatorre

P.S. If you decide to have us launch and scale your digital marketing agency for you, here’s what we’ll focus on…

#1: Unleashing Your Superpower:
Bringing your inner world-class version out and positioning your business alongside your strengths is what’ll set you apart from the crowd.
While everyone is busy being a “Me-too” agency, your uniqueness paired with our strengths will make sure you dominate the marketplace and make a name for yourself.
#2: Getting Clients:
While most methods of getting clients for a digital marketing agency are slow & unpredictable, we use paid advertising and set up automated systems to bring in the right people ready to buy from us.
Using these systems, we’re able to bring in 50-100 qualified leads each day. For every $1 we spend on our marketing we generate $5 in return.
Using the methodology outlined above, we’ve acquired more than 400 high paying clients & we will set up this exact system for you, optimize it on a daily basis & then begin to scale it for you after your agency becomes profitable.
#3: Outsourcing & Scaling: 
While most agency owners either do all the client fulfillment themselves or hire people off fiverr, we focus on hiring the top talent and have them do the heavy lifting.
We use an award winning team of world class marketers and commission only closers to do all the work for us so we don’t ever stress about the fulfillment and can focus on scaling our agency using proven systems/processes.
And if you choose to work with us you get unlimited 1:1 access to this exact team.
What’s next? Click here to book a complimentary 1:1 action call with our team today.
Chat soon!

What You’ll Get:

Step-By-Step Training Curriculum

Get your hands on the exact systems & processes that power our multi-million dollar agency. We’ll show you how to run your agency so you don’t get stuck working IN the business, but rather ON it, (each video in our curriculum is only 10-15 minutes long & comes with an action guide – some of our most successful clients skip the videos altogether and simply implement what’s inside each guide)

Uncovering Your Superpower 1-On-1

Unleashing your unique strengths and layering them with your digital marketing agency will make you a force to be reckoned with. We will help you nail down your offer, pick your niche/industry, come up with your ideal client avatar, and establish your core services so we can ensure you have a highly marketable service that sells like hotcakes.

Done-For-You Paid Ads and Organic Marketing

It’s no secret: The success or failure of your digital marketing agency comes down to how good you are at generating qualified leads. Most people *think* they have a good plan for this, but once they start, it’s crickets… Lucky for you, we’ve already generated hundreds of thousands of leads for ourselves and our clients and have the winning formula for your exact niche. The best part? Our team sets it up and runs it for you…

Your Commission-Only Sales Closer:

Don’t want to take your sales calls? No problem, We will hire and train a commission-based sales closer to take your calls for you. There is no better feeling in business than when you get the “payment received” notification without you having to lift a finger…

Done-For-You Contracting Team:

Instead of doing your client’s fulfillment yourself, have a certified team of marketers do the work for your clients so they can retain and upsell them your other agency services. This is how you build a long-term sustainable business.

Done-For-You Processes & Systems:

The vision is a lifestyle business. We will install all the systems, processes, and tools your business needs to hit the numbers you’ve always dreamt of. Some of these systems include: Custom website/funnels, your agency sales structure, free audits for your leads, case studies tailored to your niche, legal documents, SOPs for all areas of your business, and so much more.

Limited-Time Bonuses:

We spend a ton of money on a team of experts (in sales, marketing, & mindset)… and when you work with us, you’ll receive unlimited 1-on-1 access to that team to get insight & feedback on your work in real-time…
As if unlimited 1-on-1 coaching wasn’t enough, this is the “live experience” where you will have the chance to interact with our team and coaches on what your current struggles are and give you the roadmap forward. Sometimes it’s the question posed by another member of our community that unlocks the door to your next growth spurt… so group coaching can be unbelievably valuable…
Our mission is to help you get the EXACT result you want… and sometimes it’s easier to produce when you have a little nudge… So you’ll have your very own accountability coach, whose sole focus is ensuring you take the actions necessary to achieve the results you’re committed to achieving…
Social presence is everything in today’s world and we have some of the best designers money can buy. We will build out your entire personalized website, logo, brand documents, and even a custom landing page design and build. Your friends and family will be shocked when you show them at your next dinner party.
How would you like to meet us, our staff, and our wildly successful clients in person at the next event we will host? You’ll get a free ticket to attend our next in-person event and if for whatever reason, you can’t attend in person, you’ll receive virtual access & all of the event recordings (professionally edited)…
This private Facebook group is where we’ll be having higher-level conversations with our top clients. Not only will you be getting additional support, but also be able to network with people at the top of their game in life & business. You also get access to our executive team via a slack channel where you can get every question answered by the sharpest minds in the agency space.
If you qualify to work with us… we guarantee that you’ll be on track to have a run rate of $100k/year in 90 days or less… (or we’ll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do).


Zarar Ameen & Christian Alatorre

In 2017, Christian was selling knives door to door, while Zarar made ends meet picking up odd jobs driving a beat-up Honda, without air-conditioning.

And at the same time, they were trying to figure out how to create a living online.

At first, they struggled to do so, but then they met Tony Delmacardo, who had built a $15 million/year digital marketing agency in a few short years.

Tony took Zarar and Christian under his wing and began mentoring them in life & business… and he taught Zarar and Christian how to land high-paying clients from a digital marketing agency.

Shortly thereafter, Zarar and Christian launched their digital marketing agency…

Within 90 days, they hit $50k/month, and fast forward to a couple of years have now gone on to run their group of companies worth over $10MM+…

Today, they’re incredibly passionate about helping launch and scale digital marketing agencies for other employees and hustlers…

Altogether, they’ve helped more than 200 agency owners make $23MM with their own online businesses.


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Niche: Marketing Agency
Result: Happy Client Allowed To Quit His Job

Niche: Freelancing
Result: From zero to $30,000+ per month in 60 days

Niche: Real Estate
Result: From zero to $50,000+ per month in 60 days

Name: Freelancing
Result: From zero to $17,000 + per month

Niche: Marketing Agency
Result: From zero to $50,000+ per month in 60 days

Niche: Marketing Agency
Result: Only 2 weeks and $11k deal

Niche: Marketing Agency
Results: From zero to $50,000+ per month in 60 days

Niche: Marketing Agency
Results: Sales guys fully booked out

Altogether, Our Clients Have Earned Over $23 Million In 17 Proven Niches...

Here are just a few of the niches our clients have succeeded in…

Our Method Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Want Us To Launch And Scale Your Own Digital Marketing Agency To $100k+... Guaranteed!

If you qualify to work with us, we're so confident our process will work for you...

We guarantee, you will *at minimum* be on track to make $100k+ for the year with your digital marketing agency in the next 90 days (or less) or we will continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do.

So there's no risk to you.

You either get on track for $100k+ for the year in the next 90 days... or we'll work with you 1-on-1 indefinitely until you do.

Book Your 1:1 Action Call Today

To discover whether or not our process is a good match for you...


Yes, Your Results Are Guaranteed... And Here’s Why:

We have proven this process out inside our own business. What makes us different than most is that we'll help you do what's actually working for us RIGHT NOW (not 2 years ago). Each month, our business pulls in 6 figures. So we know exactly how to help you with yours.

Not only has this process worked incredibly well for us... but it's worked amazingly well for our clients too. They are absolutely crushing it with their agencies. We get to see exactly what's working in our client's businesses too... and relay that information to you in real-time.

When you work with us, we will do ALL the heavy lifting for you and show you EXACTLY what we are doing in real time... you just have to be the captain of the ship as we won’t be working together indefinitely.

We'll give you our offer creation protocol, set up and run our exact winning ads, build out a custom funnel and website for you, give you our exact sales system (scripts included) and bring on a closer to take calls for you, give you unlimited access to our fulfillment team and their case studies to use from day one, give you all our SOP’s and tools master sheet we use to scale our agency to 7 figures without burning out in the process.

EVERYTHING that has made us one of the largest digital marketing agency programs in the world... you'll get instant access to... That's how we can guarantee you results.


Book Your 1:1 Action Call Today & Get This Free Bonus...

$10 Million Digital Marketing Agency Case Study​

Over the past few years, we have started a couple of other businesses that are now valued at more than $10,000,000 by third-party sources. All of them started with the skills and money we made from our digital marketing agency…

We just recorded an action-packed, 30-minute case study revealing exactly how we did it…

–> How we grew our agency from 0 to 40+ full-time employees…

–> How we landed some of the biggest clients in the space like Porsche, Hello Abound, Makeup Eraser, and more all on autopilot while we traveled the world…

–> How we leveraged our digital marketing agency to launch and scale our other companies to a valuation of over $10,000,000…

Book Your 1:1 Action Call Today & Get Our $10MM Digital Marketing Agency Case Study For Free...


Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get...

#1: Case Studies You Can Use From Day One
#2: Done-For-You Brand-Package
#3: Custom Website Build
#4: Helping You Find Your Unique Superpower
#5: Done-For-You Facebook Ads
#6: Done-For-You Agency Funnel
#7: Done-For-You Linkedin Scripts
#8: Done-For-You Sales Closer
#9: Done-For-You Phone Scripts
#10: Group Coaching Classes Every Week
#11: Personal Accountability Coach
#12: Private Clients-Only Slack Channel
#13: Private Clients-Only Facebook™ Group
#14: Risk-Free on track for 6 figures+ per year in 90 Days Guarantee

We are so confident our process will work for you... we guarantee that you’ll be on track to have a run rate of $100,000+/year in your first 90 days or less or we'll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do…

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This! We Look Forward To Speaking With You Soon...
- The Agency Guys,

Zarar Ameen & Christian Alatorre

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end, here's the deal:

We've generated 400+ high paying clients for our digital marketing agency & have a valuation of $10 million across our companies which were all started from the revenues of our agency.

We then put our method to the test and launched other digital marketing agencies for a few of our top clients & they've gone on to make over $23 million with them.

Altogether, we've launched and scaled 200 agencies for people who used to be employees and hustlers stuck in the rat race. Now they run their own agencies which has given them the opportunity to live a lifestyle most people just dream of…

Because of the success our clients have had...

We're now able to legally guarantee you... if you qualify to work with us, you'll be on track to make $100,000 for the year with your digital marketing agency (even if you dont have one) within the next 90 days or less.

If not, we'll work with you 1-on-1 for free until you do.

At this point, you have two options:

Option 1: Do nothing. Leave this page. *Hope* your business begins to grow.

Option 2: Take a chance. Book a call with our team. See if this is a good fit for you.

*Note: This is *NOT* a sales call. The results we provide are guaranteed, so we have no incentive to recommend you work with us unless we are 100% certain our process will work for you.

If it's not a good match, we'll tell you, & recommend resources for you (whether that's working with a friend of ours or plugging into free resources we provide).

So this call is 100% risk free.

You either don't work with us & we go on our merry way... or you do work with us and we help you get on track to make $100k+/year in the next 90 days (or we'll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do).

Either way, you win.

That being said:

If you are a DNA driven entrepreneur who wants to launch your own wildly profitable digital marketing agency and have us do all the heavy lifting for you...

And let's see if we can make magic together.

Chat soon ✌🏼

Need help? Email support@launchmyagency.co

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