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Are You Looking to Launch the Top Digital Marketing Agency in Canada?

Launch My Agency is the go-to Done-For-You firm for agency startup success

Do you offer B2B digital marketing services, lead generation, and other online marketing services?

Is your customer acquisition model and retention strategy the best in the game?

Then what exactly is stopping you from starting your own marketing agency in Canada?
Here’s the hard truth:
Starting a digital agency in Canada isn’t hard. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry with a laptop can offer local digital marketing services. So the competition is TOUGH.
But do you know what’s missing with most digital firms?
A customer base. A structure for your digital agency in Canada. And a tried-and-tested formula for success that gives you an edge.
And that is exactly what you get when you work with Launch My Agency.
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What Sets Launch My Agency Apart?

The truth is, we aren’t other-worldly beings with special powers. We’re just YOU from 5 years later.
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We Know Things You Don’t

Because we’ve been in the business for so long, we know the secrets you don’t. And we share them all with you when you come on board!

Winning Is All Our Team Knows

Don’t get us wrong – we didn’t become a top lead generator and B2B client acquisition specialist without making mistakes. But we never give up until we get results.
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We Do It ALL

We build your agency in Canada and launch it, all the while mentoring you on how to drive it toward 6-figure outcomes and a continuously expanding client base.

Our Systems Are Tried and Tested

It took us years to brew up the perfect recipe for success – and we want you to have it without putting in the time. Launch, win, do it again!
Not convinced?

Here’s What Happens When You Work With Us

Step 1

We build and launch your digital marketing agency in Canada.

Step 2

We train, mentor, and prepare you to become the multi-million-dollar digital marketing agency owner you always dreamt of becoming.
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Step 3

We sit back and watch with pride as you grow, hit numbers you never thought you’d reach, and then grow some more.

Psst…The Time to Act is NOW

Whether you’re a DNA-driven entrepreneur, a hustler, or someone sick and tired of the 9-5 grind, we’ve got your back! We’ve spent years collecting resources, developing mechanisms, and putting in place systems that are guaranteed to work.
All so we can make setting up a digital marketing agency in Canada easy for YOU. So don’t wait! Here is what you need to do.

How to Get Started

Get in touch with one of our experts and tell us what you’re after.
Share details of your experience, your motivation, your goals.
Let us put together a plan that works best for YOU.
Work with us to bring your dream to life!

Join our DFY program and never look back!